Coco Goes Walkabout

When I got home this evening, I went to check on Winnie and Coco. I have been hand feeding Winnie to try and make sure she is getting enough food. Happily, Winnie began to attack the food with gusto. As I held her, I could hear Coco clucking in the background. I thought nothing of it until something seemed to brush past my head.

I looked up just in time to see Coco go sailing over the fence! She must have launched herself from the edge of the little coop! Immediately, I put Winnie back and shut her in before racing through the house to warn next door they had a marauding bird in their garden. Fortunately, the dog wasn’t out and they had seen Coco land on the far side of their garden from the kitchen window.

Thankfully, the neighbours found the entire situation hilarious and kindly helped me chase Coco out from under the trampoline. After a few attempts, I caught her and showed our neighbours how to hold her in the event she suddenly went walkabout again. I can’t believe how far Coco flew – it was nearly the width of two gardens! I marched home with Coco held firmly under my arm, telling her off severely. Poor Winnie was cheeping loudly in distress, wondering where Coco was.

So it seems that we have a little feathery Houdini living in the garden!


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    1. Chickens can fly but how far depends on the breed. Silkies for example are almost flightless so are perfect for garden chickens as they won’t go walkabout. Pekins, like Coco, can fly but I had no idea how far they could go until last night! Needless to say that as soon as Winnie is back on her feet, Coco will be going back to the allotment with her into my walk-in covered run!

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