Cockerel in the Kitchen

On Friday evening, I took Gordon home from the allotment. Naively, I hoped he wouldn’t be too loud and that we would be able to keep him in the garden. In the kitchen, I set up a puppy crate with a home made perch for him to sleep on and used a blackout curtain to put over at night to make sure he didn’t crow too early. That part of the plan did work however, when he was out with the girls in the garden, it was a different matter…

Within the first day of having him home, I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep him. It’s absolutely heartbreaking as Gordon is so friendly and I would do almost anything to keep him. The girls like him too. It’s just so unfair that we can’t keep him due to one person complaining. After several days of frantically trying to find him a new home, Cat from Duster’s Ark let me know she had found someone for Gordon. We arranged that we would drop him off with Cat after work on Wednesday.

Our last day with Gordon came around far too fast. With the weather being unbearably hot, I worked outside to give Gordon as much time as possible to roam with the girls. He spent most of the morning strutting around the garden looking very proud of himself. The rest of the time, he was following Trixie around – it’s clear who is his favourite! Later in the morning, they all took themselves into the run to get out of the sun and to have a drink.

When my husband came home, we picked up Gordon and put him in the pet carrier. He wasn’t happy and became more so when we put him in the car. During the journey he was quite quiet but when we arrived at Cat’s house, he began to shout. Poor Gordon! It must have been so confusing for him. Unfortunately, the lady who was going to take him had changed her mind. However, Cat has said she will keep him with her two rescue girls who free range in her front garden.

It was utterly heartbreaking to leave him but I know Gordon will have a wonderful life with Cat. The allotment and the garden won’t be the same without him.


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