Smuggling a Cockerel

After filling the kitchen with a small puppy crate and vast amounts of blackout fabric yesterday, I headed out this evening to collect Gordon. As I arrived on site, I ran into Geoff and we had a chat. I caught him up with some news before heading off to the New Coop.

Upon seeing me, he dashed towards the run door and began to strut up and down. Trying to make it less traumatic for Gordon and his girls, I whisked him off, pausing only to secure the run door. Unimpressed, Gordon began to click his disapproval but thankfully he didn’t wriggle as much as Coco.

He didn’t seem too happy about his box and began to shout his disapprobation loudly. Worried he would aggrevate the neighbours as well as the chickens in the garden, I threw the curtain over the box, hoping he would calm down. Thankfully, he did after a couple of highly indignant shrieks. To make him more comfortable, I built him a perch made of three pieces of bamboo. Gordon didn’t seem to appreciate the effort until I picked him up and put him on the perch.

He shuffled around and assessed the perch thoroughly before settling down. Seizing the opportunity, I threw over the curtain and tucked it around the base of the box to stop any light coming in. Tomorrow’s challenge is to design and sew the curtain into a cover for Gordon’s box. I have very limited sewing skills so this is quite a challenge!


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