Round the Clock Care

It’s been a while since my last post due to trying to get Winnie back on the road to recovery. Sadly, she has been steadily deteriorating over the past week and I have been in regular contact with a lovely American lady who has extensive knowledge about chickens. She has recommended a range of different medicines and home remedies for Winnie and I have been following her instructions to the letter.

The last two days, Winnie has eaten very little. She spent today on my desk so I could give her water and prompt her to eat regularly. Although she is struggling to keep herself upright, she retains the Houdini skills all chickens have. Despite being wrapped in a towel to keep her from falling over, she has managed to wriggle out twice! Currently, Winnie is on Harker’s and Loxicom after finishing a dose of Canesten to help her crop fully empty. Once the Harkers finishes tomorrow, we will put her onto Flubenvet to see if she has worms. I doubt it is any of the usual chicken issues, otherwise some of these treatments would have worked.

With nursing Winnie around the clock, I haven’t had much time to spend at the allotment aside from feeding the chickens. Over the weekend, I will leave Winnie in my husband’s care and clean out the big coops. Poor Coco is lonely without Winnie and if she doesn’t improve soon, I may have to move her into the New Coop. I’m hoping Winnie will pull through so she and Coco can get into trouble together again…


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