Sorting the Nest House

After a morning of house clearing, I headed down to the allotment to clean out the Nest House. It’s a job that always takes ages and it’s one of my least favourite jobs. Upon arrival, I spotted Liz, Sarah and their mum so I went to say hello. Daisy was with them and gave me an enthusiastic greeting. We chatted for a while before their relentless productivity during the conversation shamed me into making a start.

When I opened up the laying box, I discovered Flora sitting in an egg. Whether it was hers or Dora’s, I can’t be sure but it definitely wasn’t Polly or Rey. I chivved her out and she let me know she was not happy about it by successfully deafening me with her angry squawks. I baracaded the girls out and began to sweep out the old bedding.

Once the Nest House was clear I was rather warm and marched off to the corner shop to purchase some sustenance, in the form of an ice lolly. Armed with four, I walked briskly back to the allotment and shared them with Liz, Sarah and their mum. Sitting in the shade, we sat and enjoyed a well deserved break. Or at least, they did. I just pretended I had been working hard! All too soon, it was back to work. Our pressure washer is dying and I spent ages wrestling with it. I suspect I will need to clean the coop out again next weekend as I am not convinced I washed every corner and board as thoroughly as I would normally want to. Beaten by the washer, I left the door open for the coop to dry.

I sat under the willow arch and watched the bees and insects on the sunburst beds. Although not all of the wildflower seeds have survived, enough of them have to make a lovely mini meadow of flowers. As it was so beautiful, I have decided to plant them every year.

Before I left, I filled the laying box with fresh bedding. The instant I removed the baracade, Flora appeared to inspect my handiwork. I think I must have just passed muster as she settled in the laying box after throwing around some bedding. I left her to it with instructions to lay me an egg. I can’t be sure but I thought I heard a rather rude retort as I turned away…

Jobs for another day include weeding the top beds and around the Omlet. I should also get in some more plants to try for a winter crop – something we haven’t tried in years!


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