Emergency Rescue

After a relaxing day, I was scrolling through social media when I spotted an urgent post from Manor Way Allotment. One of their members had been walking their dog when they came across some unsavoury types trying to bait cats into killing a small quail. He managed to save the quail from the cats, taking the terrified bird home. Knowing he couldn’t keep it, he put up a plea.

Being the softie that I am, I sprinted to the back garden to grab the pet carrier. As I rushed to the front of the house, I passed my long suffering husband. Spotting the carrier, he rolled his eyes and in a resigned voice asked “Where are we going and what are we rescuing?”. I love that man! We bundled into the car and drove across Crewe to meet the rescuer who I was delighted to find was a familiar face! It was lovely to have a quick chat with Andy, getting a few more details about the rescue before heading back home with a traumatised quail.

Back at home, I put the carrier down in the kitchen and dug out some small food bowls. I made some scrambled egg for her in the hopes that it might give her a nutrient boost. To help her keep calm, I covered the carrier with a towel to keep it dark. I just hope she pulls through as birds are very sensitive to stress.

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