Searching for Friends

Much to my joy this morning, I was greeted by a little feathery face peering at me from the pet carrier. Happily the quail had survived the night and within a few minutes got busy pecking at the food bowl. A little later, I discovered it drinking but only after half filling the bowl with sawdust.

So my search for a couple of other quails to keep it company begins! It’s not a great time of year to find quail but there will be some somewhere…


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  1. I don’t know much about quails but, for reasons I forget now, one of my sons acquired two. They were both males I believe and while they were cute for a while, as they matured so they both made a lot of noise and started fighting. One was stronger and the fights became increasingly one-sided and ugly. You probably have factored this male competition thing into your search for friends for your new charge but if not, watch out! Good luck with him/her; quails are cute.

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  2. How funny to get a random quail. I did hear about a white one blowing found in a car park once…. Although that’s a slighly different kettle of fish to the albino wallaby that keeps popping up around here. Try and get 2-3 female if you can. They are notoriously messy and would do best with a specialised quail drinker/feeder.

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