Drowning in Apples

Despite having a very dry summer with multiple heatwaves, somehow the fruit trees on the plot have flourished. These weather conditions were clearly ideal for our three apples trees which are literally snapping under the weight of fruit!

My husband and I have collected masses of apples from each tree but there are still several hundred weight to go! I’ve never seen anything like it! Even our tiny Cox’s Orange Pippin tree has produced a ton of apples. So much so, that several of its branches have broken. I am quite worried about the impact of this on the tree. Hopefully I will be able to find a way of supporting the tree ready for next year. I have vaguely wondered about training the branches in a sort of espalier style.

The Jonagold tree has produced some of the biggest apples I have ever seen. Somehow, it seems to have avoided the broken branches although I have no idea how! These enormous red apples are utterly mouthwatering and extra crunchy – a delicious snack for the hardworking allotmenteer! The only problem with these apples is that the insects find them as delicious as I do! Sadly, this has meant we have lost quite a lot of them.

The Braeburn tree at the bottom of the plot has outdone itself. There are more apples than leaves! My main problem with this tree is its height. I will definitely need a ladder to pick the apples on the top half of the tree thanks to being the height of the average adolescent hobbit. Upon closer inspection, I found that one of the thickest branches had snapped and was hanging by a thread. I spent a few minutes pondering whether I might be able to jump and reach it to pull it down. Then remembered what a ridiculous spectacle it would be and decided to leave it for when there was no one to witness the inevitable disaster that would follow…

The plan to renovate the Main Coop roof is in progress although getting supplies at a reasonable price is proving a bit of a challenge. But whilst that rumbles along in the background, the plan for the next couple of days is to find as many apple recipes as possible!


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