Early Morning at the Plot

Just before 7am this morning, I found myself busy feeding chickens before work. It had rained heavily overnight and the temperature has dropped significantly in the last few days – so much so, that I resorted to a fleece and coat. The latter could have been avoided but the sharp contrast from a warm duvet to damp autumn weather made it seem like a good idea to go for the extra layer!

In the Omlet, Maude and Mavis gazed at me in a disapproving manner until they got their sunflower seeds. Both of them appear to have finished moulting and have fluffed up again which is especially important considering the change in the weather. Older chickens tend to be susceptible to cold and an elderly moulting chicken, even more so. I’ve been thinking about how to protect them from the worst of the winter weather. Last winter, they were in the garden which is highly protected on all sides. Maybe additional netting or plastic covering on the windward side would be best?

Over in the Main Coop, I was greeted by Flora. Always keen to be the first at the treats which usually ends up with me regularly tripping over the idiotic bird as she weaves between my legs like a cat waiting impatiently for it’s dinner. I managed to stay upright for long enough to throw out the treats before Flora deserted me for food. Both Rey and Polly have also regrown their feathers and it’s hard to tell which of them is tip chicken at the moment. Poor Dora spends most of her time at the periphery of the group, waiting until the others get bored and wander off before getting stuck into the treats.

Across in the New Coop, Elsie, Foxy and Gertie were impatiently waiting for the door to be opened. I don’t know what it is about these chickens but they seem obsessed by the coop door, never missing an opportunity to try and make a break for freedom. Thankfully, a foot in the doorway usually sends them hurtling back in the other direction although I get no peace until the treats are given out.

I had a quick look in the greenhouse before I left and decided to come back after work to harvest the tomatoes. Thankfully, they all seem to be turning red. My happiness at this will probably be brief as we will be inundated with them within a few days!


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