Flockdown Approaches

It is with a weary resignation that poultry owners read the news that the next Flockdown will begin on the 7th November today. Considering the massive cases of avian flu throughout the year, it had a feeling of inevitability about it although that doesn’t make the Flockdown any more welcome. My main frustration is the main coop roof which seems to provide no barrier whatsoever to the gang of sparrows who insist on breaking into the coop.

My solution after years and 100m of scaffolding netting, was to bite the bullet and rebuild the entire roof. I found a supplier and put in the order, waiting anxiously for the delivery company to call and let me know when it will arrive. Two weeks later, I am still waiting and despite calling and chasing them up, there is no sign of my very expensive coop roof. I sat at home this evening trying to work out a temporary fix that wouldn’t cost the earth and could be put into place in time.

First job was to order the now annual supply of scaffolding netting and cable ties. This batch of netting has been earmarked for the new coop to keep the little bantams safe from wild birds. The netting will be added to the top of the coop and around the sides which will also provide some weather protection as the coop faces directly into the prevailing wind.

So back to the endless problems with the main coop. I have decided to buy some chicken wire which I will scrunch up and use to block the gaps in the roof. Then I will use a mix of chicken wire and scaffolding netting and staple these into place to block the sparrows from getting into the coop via the roof apex. That just leaves the back roof corner of the coop. Trying sparrow-proof the main coop is turning into a reoccurring nightmare.

So I spent most of the evening trying to work out a way to make a temporary fix while waiting for the blasted roof to arrive. There wasn’t a quick or cheap solution so I moved onto ordering some scaffolding netting, cable ties and a tarpaulin for the new coop as I have noticed a little robin is a regular addition in the coop.

The question is, when will the roof arrive? Will it arrive before Flockdown starts?! If not, life at the allotment is going to be very difficult!


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