An Unexpected Surprise

As I was busy working this morning, there was a loud knock on the front door. Dashing downstairs, I thanked Amazon Prime for delivering emergency coop supplies so quickly. Upon opening the door, I discovered a delivery lady who looked rather confused. She was looking at a piece of paper and muttered “Oh dear, I’m at the wrong address!”. Confused, I asked what address she was looking for. Holding out the paper, I read Henry Street Allotment. It took a few moments to work out why she was looking for the allotment.

Then it struck me. Surely it had to be the roof! I may have squeaked “Oh do you have my chicken coop roof?” at her to which she replied maybe in a slightly confused manner. What timing! Now we could get the new roof on in time for Flockdown on Monday! She walked back to the van while I locked up and we drove around to the allotment in her van.

Between us we moved all twelve roof panels and apex pieces from the van, hauling them down the main path and depositing them outside the greenhouse. I couldn’t quite believe the roof had finally arrived after waiting weeks for it to arrive. I thanked the delivery lady and went to say hello to Geoff, Cliff and Will. It’s been a while since I caught up with everyone and although I couldn’t stay long, it was lovely to see everyone again.

Before I left, I moved all the roof panels into the greenhouse to keep them safe from the weather until tomorrow. When my husband came home for lunch, I informed him we would be spending the weekend building the new roof. I’m not sure he, not the chickens are as excited as I am about the new roof. But the prospect of not having to wrestle with the coop roof for a few years! The cherry on the top is that the coop will finally be sparrow-proof meaning arduous Flockdown preparations will be a thing of the past!


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