Clearing the Plot

With the removal of the old coop roof, we have littered the plot with odds and ends of broken wood, wire and general rubbish. Today, we jumped into the car and drove across to the plot to finally get rid of it all.

The first trip to the tip removed the old greenhouse shield which had been forming a part of the main coop roof for the last few years. It was a rather unwieldy size and my husband got busy breaking it down so it would fit in the car. Meanwhile, I brought the wooden posts and old perches to the main path along with several bags of rubbish.

Our second trip was delayed by the need to pop to the shops to get vital ingredients for dinner. This trip cleared all the old wood and rubbish bags leaving only one more run for another day.

The difference it has made to the plot is amazing although there is still a lot of clearing and tidying to do. The old roof panels from the coop will need storing carefully somewhere and the area around the fruit trees needs some work too!


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