Bailing out the Roof

There has been so much rain this week that I have been obsessively checking the main coop roof each time I have been down. I couldn’t get down yesterday so I dashed down before work this morning to check on the girls (and the roof!).

Most of the roof has coped well with the relentless torrents but the back corner less so. Invariably, the one section of the roof without the support beams has attempted to contort itself into a u-shape. I have to say, it was fairly successful in doing so! Thankfully, the nails have kept in place but there was such a significant bow in the panel it’s going to need emergency fixing tomorrow morning.

I attempted to push the roof panel up to remove the water but there was so much I couldn’t move it. Desperate to get rid of the water, I had to resort to bailing out the roof with a plant pot. As I wobbled at the top of the ladder in the pouring rain, pouring out pot after pot of water, I thanked my parents for my childhood spent larking around on boats. Years of bailing out boats saw me make quick work of the lake on the roof.

Now thoroughly soaked, I headed home squelching loudly. First thing tomorrow, I’ll be back down after running back to Wickes to pick up more wood to repair the roof yet again!


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