An Unreachable Egg

Sometimes chickens like to mess with you. Usually when you least expect and always in a way you could never predict.

Two days ago, one of the Topknot Gang decided to lay an egg a third of the way down the run. Heaven forbid that the egg was laid near the end of the run near the door, or even by the nest box. It was completely inaccessible. I couldn’t reach it with the broom, or the rake and I refused to crawl along the run on all fours. So I relied on the girls to move it as they run around their coop.

Two days later, the girls had knocked the egg to the side of the coop. Armed with a small stick, I gently nudged the egg towards the nest box. I was watched avidly by Cirrus who seemed positively amused by the sight. When the egg touched the nest box, I had to try and roll it slightly uphill to get it to where I could reach through the nest box and grab it. Easier said than done. I kept trying to roll the egg up the incline only to watch it fall back. The risk of breakage was increasing with every attempt.

Eventually, I wedged the egg against the nest box using the stick then sprinted around to the other side of the coop. I ripped open the nest box and reached as far as I could through it and felt the egg at the tip of my fingers. One more stretch and I managed to grab it before it rolled away. Triumphant, I carried the egg into the house and deposited it in the egg box.

When my husband boxed up some eggs to take to work, he refused to take the Unreachable Egg. He plans to eat it tomorrow to prove a point to the Topknot Gang. I applaud his point but I rather doubt this will put a stop to the Topknot Gang’s shenanigans!


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