Gertie Update

Poor Gertie. She is holding her own well at the moment but she isn’t happy. The others are tending to give her space but as yet, I haven’t spotted anyone preferentially staying with her yet. I may yet have to strong arm one of the others into the role by putting them together in a separate coop.

When I walked into the coop, I spotted that she had squashed herself between the side of the coop and the base of the perch. Guessing that someone has pushed her off, I picked her up and put her in front of the water bowl. She stayed stock still and refused to move. Rolling my eyes, I picked her up and tipped her forward slightly so her beak touched the water. Once she had her first taste, she happily began drinking although with only one working eye, her depth perception was a little lacking.

I moved her across to the food bowl but she wouldn’t eat even when I tapped the food. So I refilled the little food bowl and put it next to the water bowl for her. I picked her up again and had a good look at her eyes. The working one I am a little worried about as the pupil is beginning to look slightly cloudy. I suspect this may be something genetic as she has never had any injury or infection to her eyes. When she was back on the ground, she seemed to enjoy alternating between drinking and eating until Foxy blundered across and tipped the entire food bowl over!

Muttering under my breath about idiotic birds, I checked around the coop once more and promised Gertie I would pop back later to check on her.


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