Weeds and Onions

I took advantage of the dry weather to make some progress on the plot today! It’s been very damp and drizzly most of the week and with yet more rain forecast for tomorrow.

I grabbed the weed bucket and slowly made my way down the path, weeding as I went. It seems almost impossible to get rid of all the grass no matter how many times I remove the offending flora. But with most of it clear, I moved onto the Bog Garden. Somewhat neglected the past couple of years, I was delighted to find that the reeds were spreading and the hosta (which I was convinced had died!). There is some room for new plants especially around the edge of the pond. I decided to work out what to plant later and moved on to feeding the chickens.

The girls were all happy and quickly tucked into their treats. Over in the New Coop, Gertie ate enthusiastically for a few minutes before getting bored. After grabbing a quick drink she ambled cautiously to the hanging food bowl and began to eat by herself. It’s a good sign that she’s doing that but I’m not confident that she’s getting enough food independently. In the Omlet, Maude and Mavis looked disgusted at the lack of sunflower seeds and only relented when I threw in several handfuls of weeds.

Back onto the weeding and I cleared one of the beds on Geoff’s plot and put in some shallots and onions. I’ve never tried shallots before so it’ll be really interesting to see how they get on! By this time, it was well past lunch so I cleared everything away and headed back to shut the shed. I passed the rows of potatoes and spotted they are coming through already! Maybe there is a benefit to having all this rain…

On my way past the greenhouse, I stopped and checked on the plants. The beans have gone absolutely berserk. They are beginning to take the greenhouse over! Muttering to myself that they HAD to be planted out tomorrow, I headed home.

Depending on the weather, I’ll get the rest of the potatoes in and plant the beans (both the climbing beans and dwarf beans). This will clear the trays for the next lot of seeds! If there is a dry spell, I might even go so far as to clean out the shed.


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