Construction commences!

Pottered down to the allotment this morning and after sorting out the chickens (4 eggs today!), we found a trailer load of manure had appeared on site. Wasting no time, we grabbed 8 bags and spread it over the old plot – hopefully the worms will help spread it through the soil. It was fantastic to find it as we were going to have to buy a full trailer load from the local agricultural college for the princely sum of £30. The main objective in having an allotment is to minimise cost thus, free things are always amazing, even if it smells to high heaven!


We carefully spread it over the top section where this years potatoes were and also near the bottom where the onions were planted. Some more loads of manure should be dropped off this week, coinciding gloriously with my week off – looks like I know what I will be kept busy with!


We also have put in three temporary posts to see how the chicken coop extension will work. It seems to be a sensible sized extension and we appear to have enough fencing (second hand from someone who was demolishing their coop) for the extension. It will look good when it is done – only thing is to work out how to join the two parts together in such a way that one part can be closed off allowing the ground to recover.


We also have managed to aggravate the previous tennant enough about the shed and the greenhouse for him to remove the greenhouse cover. Fingers crossed the frame and the shed will be gone next week.


The sun came out during our time outside, making our tea break with fellow allotmenters more enjoyable and less cold. It is amazing how the sunshine can transform the allotment – even when there is so little left in our plots, it still looks inviting…



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