Manure, Mulch and Moving!

Today was another momentous day at the allotment!

First I went to feed the chickens and check they were all present and correct. Those that have been moulting have their new feathers, all except Maggie, and their feet look much better now they aren’t caked in mud. Four eggs today so we are getting back to normal egg production levels.

Whilst taking a well deserved break from this hard work, Phil asked whether I would like to have his quails. They are truly beautiful birds and he very kindly gave us the hutch, food and water for them. They are currently ensconced in the chicken coop whilst I try to persuade the other quail owner on site to give/sell me his run so they have more room. We should have our first quail eggs in the next few weeks!

Cliff did sterling work, clearing three black bins full of glass from the soil underneath the shed left by the previous tenant. Someone really needs to have a word with him! Cliff also helped move multiple wheelbarrows of manure to the storage box on the new plot. Between both of us we must have done a good 20 barrows, making a decent indent into the seemingly unending pile on the back road. The only problem is that the storage box is almost full and there is still a considerable amount of manure still to fit in….


I popped home to be in for a delivery for the other half then went back, determined to make something of the bottom section of the new plot. It has been ignored as we have had other fish to fry. I built a box enclosing the fruit bushes and covered the ground around them with several wheelbarrows of mulch, trailed from the car park on the other side of the allotment site.


Please with the result, I walked to our old plot deciding to do the same thing with the fruit trees and gooseberry bushes. It was a much bigger area and took me another 8-10 barrows of mulch to cover the ground but I think it looks much better! With the remaining dregs of the last barrow of mulch, I covered the rhubarb boxes.


I left at 5 pm, tired, dirty but pleased with the progress. My muscles however, do not agree and I suspect I may be hobbling to the allotment tomorrow morning…

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