5 tonnes of manure…

Another full day at the allotment, working on getting the ground prepared for planting in a few weeks time.


Fed the chickens and quails – the quails are still very unsure about me putting my hands in their cage to feed them. But I imagine they will get more friendly with time. They make a lovely quiet chirrup and seem perfectly happy pottering around in their cage. The chickens show some interest in the quails, mainly when I am putting food into the cage….


Cliff and I have finally managed to shift the remaining the manure from the back road to the storage box. We spread the  tarpaulin over the top to encourage faster decomposition, weighed down with bricks to stop the tarpaulin blowing away. Thank goodness it is all moved! I am a physical wreck!



I then started to box in the main bed on the new plot after shifting the wire and posts  for the coop extension next to the coop. Buried under the wire were fragments of tarpaulin left by the previous tenant. When removing the rubbish, out popped a brown, furry rat who pegged it off towards the next plot. Cliff has placed a rat trap by the tunnel enterances in an attempt to catch it. I dug over a section of the main bed but without the removal of the greenhouse base, it will be rather difficult to get the whole plot dug.


Next: finish digging over both plots and clean the greenhouse ready for planting next month


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