Shiny like new!

Today I pottered into town armed with my debit card and entirely unsupervised (husband off gallivanting in London for the weekend)!


The Allotment Federation had arranged a seed sale in a local clubhouse. The sale boasted 80 different types of potato as well as a wide selection of fruit trees, fruit bushes and seed packets for just about every variety of vegetable you care to imagine! I spent a very happy hour browsing and left with a lot of new seeds and no money.



I bought a range of different varieties of potato including Shetland Black, Isle of Jura, Home Guard and Saxon. I aso bought a range of seeds covering everything from peas and beans to cabbage, turnip and peppers. I managed to pick up a selection of edible (non-firey) variety and non-edible (burn your insides) varieties for my other half.



Lugging a this home, as well as rosemary and lavender bushes (food good measure) – I swung by the house, picked up wellies and trotted off to the allotment. Fed the chickens and quail then settled down for some serious work on the greenhouse. Each year the glass of the greenhouse should be cleaned to get rid of dirt and also clear away any bugs. I spent some time rearranging the tables and flower pots to make more space for next years crop. Shortly I will be planting the seeds I bought today in small pots, kept in the greenhouse initially before being planted outside.


There is some debate over whether there will be another skip. I hope there will be as there are 3 plastic bins full of glass with another to come, two huge containers full of assorted rubbish and a mountain for wood still to be cleared from the new plot. Also, I intend to get hold of the guy with the quail and see if I can buy his quail coop from him so our girls have more room to explore. It may also come with another 7 quail… Best not tell the husband about that!


So tomorrow, more digging required in the new plot and planting of lots of tulip bulbs.


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