Tulips, Daffodils and Crocuses

Today I went to the allotment early determined to dig a good section of our new plot.


I arrived in glorious sunshine, fed the chickens (my they were grumpy!) and quail. Gathered one egg, but considering how early it was, it wasn’t too bad. I left the coop with the chickens happily munching on pellets and corn, armed with my fork ready for digging.


I dug a section of the new plot, focusing on marking out the biggest bed. I did a strip where the greenhouse base was (base is now forming the support for a shed for Keith the new plot holder). Arms aching I decided to take a break and take advantage of the arrival of home made soup courtesy of Steve. It was delicious!


After lunch I planted 60 tulip bulbs that I bought in Holland a couple of weeks ago. They had started to sprout so they definitely needed to be planted asap! I planted them as a border in the smallest bed in the new plot, along the edge of the old plot and behind the daffodils in front of the shed. Other good news is that the daffodils and crocuses are coming up so the allotment should be full of flowers soon!




I also planted several varieties of seeds in small pots kept in the greenhouse until the frost is no longer an issue and they are big enough to plant out.  Seeds planted include: corn, Hungarian peppers, Cheyenne peppers, giant pumpkin, peas, French beans, runner beans and turnip. More seeds to plant in the coming weeks and the potatoes must be laid out in the sunlight to encourage them to sprout before planting. I also planted two rows of onion sets and covered them with a mini poly tunnel.



Trial of coconut compact compost with seeds (cheap from Home Bargains!) is an experiment to see whether the seeds grow better (or worse) in this soil as opposed to the compost I used last year.


The greenhouse needs a final few touches – cleaning out the guttering etc. Next weekend more digging of both plots will make a big difference – now just to make sure my husband is around for it!

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