Many hands make light work

Yesterday, with the sky looking like it might go a full hour without raining, I set off to the allotment determined to make inroads into the ever expanding weed collection in the bottom plot.

After 2 hours of socialising and drinking fizzy pop with Geoff, Dave and Cliff, I decided I would pop home for lunch then come back and actually do some work!

On my return I chose to weed, or excavate, the fruit bushes on the bottom plot. I left the gooseberry bush to its own devices as it is a plant I can never win against. All the weeds have been cleared away, allowing the bushes more sunlight and rain water. I even went as far as to clear the front of the compost heap.

Next I borrowed Geoff’s tape measure and got the measurements for the new, expanded chicken coop (480 cm by 810 cm) ready to draw a scale drawing for Chris to approve. Geoff has also been working on how to build a nest box and roosting space that will be big enough for 12 chickens. He has decided a 4ft by 3ft enclosure would work and has offered to make it for us if we pay for the wood (of course we said yes!). He has also come up with a fantastic idea for cheaply expanding the quail coop using netting and small wooden batons.

Today we had visitors in the form of the Clayton family. They set themselves to work and have helped make massive progress in the bottom and top plot! I seem to have three very enthusiastic allotment converts!


Earlier this week I visited my university friend and have successfully purloined her massive greenhouse for a bargain £100. It is approximately 3 m square and will take up a massive section of the bottom plot. I underestimated how big it was but it will work in our favour as we can plant directly into the soil the tropical plants we have bought. There is plenty of room for all the plants to grow and mature so I am very pleased! All that is left to do is dismantle it and transport it to the allotment after we get back from our holiday….

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