Plodding onwards

Today I cleared a good section of the bottom plot ready for the planting of the blueberry bushes I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Chicks continue to do well, although one is looking increasingly like a cockerel. We have agreed with Cliff who has also got new chicks that if our chick turns out to be a cockerel, we will give a home to one of his cream legbar chicks. So we will have to wait and see what happens as the chicks mature before we will know definitely one way or another.

I have drawn out a sketch of the bottom plot to include the extended chicken coop and new greenhouse. I think we may need to plant 3 of the new trees in the new plot to take up space near the coop and to provide some protection for the chickens from the prevailing wind.

Tomorrow I will be down early go crack on with weeding between the raspberry bushes and the potatoes in the bottom plot before thoroughly hoeing the top plot to rid it of any new weeds. Hopefully all our hard work will not be entirely undone by being away on holiday…?

I am still on a hunt for a new slightly larger shed for the new coop. I hope to find one as soon as we get back – there is now a desperate need to get rid of the old shed. Not just because it is crumbling where it stands, but it appears the rats have a rather cosy home underneath it. Cliff has managed to get two rats but he reckons there are several more. The battle continues…



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