Greenhouse Deconstruction Day 2

After being rained off yesterday ,we drove back to Nantwich to finish removing the glass, deconstruct the greenhouse frame and transport it all back to the allotment. We have managed to rope in Geoff to help transport the large parts of the frame back as Fiona’s car isn’t big enough to squeeze the frame in.


We arrived in Nantwich at 10 am, giving us a full three hours to get the ralemaining 17 panels of glass out and take the frame down. As it turned out, it took an hour to get the remaining glass out.


However, getting the frame down was…interesting. The spanner worked well when there was enough room to use it, which didn’t happen very often. We dismantled the roof slowly – it took well over an hour with Fiona up a ladder supporting one end and me reaching up desperately trying to get the wretched nuts loose.


Eventually we got it down, the sides down too, just in time for Geoff to arrive and load up his car with the frame whilst we loaded Fiona’s car with another load of glass. Another slow drive back to bring the glass to the allotment and dropped it off.


Afterwards we decided to find food before dragging away another load of glass. The large panels came back but we had to leave the last glass panels behind as we didn’t dare load anymore into the boot. So tomorrow should mark the end of the moving the greenhouse!


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