Back with a bang!

After a manic two weeks at work, we are finally within shouting distance of the end of term. This means freedom and lots of time to spend down the allotment to make up for abandoning it these last couple of weeks. 

This morning, not only did I feed the chickens, but I have tried a new strategy in the war against mites. I have washed out the inside of the coop with anti-mite fluid before dusting it with diatumous earth and replacing the bedding.  The boards and perches took ages to dry so it was a long job in misty rain. Hopefully this will keep the little blighters at bay!

Something odd happened earlier in the week – Molly and her chicks got out of their enclosure. No one knows how. She was found trying to get into a different coop and was without her chicks. Fortunately, Geoff was able to get her back in and found one chick but there is absolutely no sign of the other one. Sadly, it is likely we won’t ever find it now – too many predators about. The other chick continues well and Molly is an excellent Mum.

Question is now, where to get new chickens so we don’t have to resort to buying eggs over the winter!

On a similar note, Evie seems to be hogging the nest box. It’s odd as Warrens almost never go broody and it’s even more unlikely when they are as old as Evie is. I turfed her off and we will see if she goes back on later. If she does, we may have one last crack at getting some more chicks this year!


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