An evening walk

We ambled down to the allotment this evening to pick up eggs that I forgot to take home earlier. We found six of them asleep on the top of the nest box.

This morning, I went down am fed the chickens. Daisy looked as if she was increasingly integrating with the rest of the flock which is great. I checked the coop to find it clean which meant they were still sleeping outside despite the recent temperature drop (relative temperature drop, it’s still above normal August temperatures!).

I managed to hoe most of the top half of the top part of the plot before dashing home to clear the garden ready for our new fence to go in. The garden has been rather neglected this summer as all my energies have been focused on keeping the allotment respectable. I often feel that our garden is far too small but the advantage is that a few hours work and it’s back to where it should be!

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