RIP Squeak

This morning I was off doing an event so my husband popped down to the allotment. Sadly. He found that Squeak had died overnight.

After Park Run, we both went down again to sort out the chickens legs with Sudacrem. It took quite a while as the Vorwerks and Cream Legbars were very resistant to being caught! Cliff helped us check their legs and we had a discussion about the spurs on some of their legs – Dolly’s in particular as they are huge!

Polly posing for the camera, displaying her whitened legs

Everyone including the chickens ended up covered in Sudacrem. It got all over the chickens feathers as we all tried to catch them. Poor Nelly almost turned white with the amount on her feathers!

Poor Nelly was absolutely covered in Sudacrem

We can see that their feet are getting better and the bad scales are starting to shed. Another treatment and they should be all shiny and new!


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