Winning the war on weeds

Today I had a spare couple of hours to go down to the allotment and tackle the second half of the weedy section of the plot in front of the fruit bushes.

First I fed the chickens and I am pleased to report that Emily continues to lay eggs! I am astounded as this is the third time this week. She hasn’t laid regularly for over a year! Today when I lifted the lid of the nest box, I found Evie assessing a freshly laid egg under Emily. I picked it up to find it hot and covered in a wet protective film which dried as I held it. Proof positive that Emily is in full flow!

Chickens fed, I moved onto clearing the weeds. I lugged the greenhouse shield to the other side of the plot to enable me to access all those pesky weeds. There were lots of clumps of grass, I counted at least 5 different types. The worst which were easy to pull out but have inter-tangled root systems which are almost impossible to completely remove from the soil. However, I think it looks much better!

Tomorrow’s plan is to hoe over the weed-free section and clear the weeds around the base of the fruit bushes and trees. Then temporarily, we might, just might, have a weed free plot!


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