A quiet weekend

Snowed under by a pile of paperwork, the time down the allotment this weekend was considerably less than usual. But it was such a relief to get out of the house!

I spent the last two days hoeing the plot and weeding the flower garden. The bark and weed fabric around the compost bins by the side of the shed looks much better after I battled with the bindweed which never seems to give up. Happily, the berry bush I thought had died, seems to be clinging onto life. The recent rain has also revived the honeyberry. So after work on Tuesday, I will be planting the replacement berry bushes I bought because I thought I had killed off the first lot. Ho hum. Let there be an excess of berries this summer!

The flowers in the garden are coming through and the flowers provide a beautiful splash of colour on our plot. I can’t wait for the rest of them to bloom.

The chickens in the main coop are doing well although eggs seem rather scarce. According to Chris, the spring glut of eggs is over and they have a slower few weeks leading into summer. Fizz is back to her usual self thanks to oregano oil and a bit of extra care.

Emily is frazzled with all three chicks. The chicks are growing massively and their secondary feathers are coming through. Currently, their feathers are growing on the wings, shoulders and a hint of some tail feathers. The wyandottes are still enjoying climbing on Emily’s back, much to her eternal disgust. They are given short thrift and deposited back on the ground.

The new coop on Rachael’s plot is still needing the run extension but the mustard seed I planted a couple of weeks ago is coming through well. When the extension is built, I will sew some more so the new chickens will have some nice greens to eat.

Still to do in the coming week, the coop extension and some more planting of seeds as well as the new fruit bushes!


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