Flooding continues

This morning the rain had finally stopped although it looked like it would start again at any second. It has rained throughout the night and all of yesterday so we were very concerned that the entire plot would be under water.

We arrived to find the flooding was significant on our side of the site. Huge areas flooded across the entire width of the plots.

Upon opening the greenhouse, we were greeted by a chorus of enthusiastic clucks. We fed the chicks and Emily while my husband commented on how big they have grown since he last saw them. We left the lid of the run open whilst we dashed down to the main coop to feed the other girls.

It was a bit of a sad sight, they all looked rather sorry for themselves. The rain hasade the floor of their coop rather muddy and they weren’t happy about it. I fed them their treats and checked on their food and water. As I was cleaning out the nest box, I found an egg. It’s very unusual for an egg to be laid by the perches and we have only ever had one egg without a shell. I cleared it out and spent several minutes trying to keep Fizz away from it. Aggravating bird!

If the rain ever ends, I plan to finish off the extension to the new coop on Rachael’s plot. Key word in that sentence is, if.


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  1. So sorry to see your allotment being almost drowned. It seems that there is more rain forecast in the next couple of days so I doubt things will get better quickly. We all just need to hope for dryer weather and more intermittent rainfall through the rest of the summer.

    Looking at your plot I was wondering it looks like the raised beds are ok – thriving even – although you have to paddle around them. Maybe its worth investing in more?

    Its no comfort but another blog I follow based in the US are having similar problems with persistent heavy rainfall (Herbalblessingblog). Climate chaos is a global problem it seems. Good luck with the drying out


    1. The raised beds are from another plot on site – I had a good amble around to find the most dramatic flooding. The western side of the site is lower lying with poorer drainage.

      Last year was difficult because we had no rain for weeks. Everything just got burnt away. If the rain continues relentlessly, everyone will loose their crops.

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