A brief reprieve

This evening after work, I ambled down to the allotment to get Emily and her chicks in. Poor Geoff had tried to get them back into their run and they had led him a merry dance. Understandably, he gave up and left them too it.

Upon our arrival, they were all happily chilling out in their run! I quickly dropped the lid down to keep them in before walking down to check on the girls in the main coop. They were all there, enjoying the sunshine on their perches. I collected 5 eggs which is significantly better than the 1 a day we have been having recently. It must be the improved weather!

Next, I opened up the shed and checked on the worm towers. They have moved up into the top layer of food and shredded newspaper. There are still plenty of young which makes me more confident that the worms are healthy. Next time I feed them, they should move up into the next box.

I spent a happy half hour weeding the strawberry bed and I will finish it off first thing tomorrow morning. I dug out a handful of weeds from the bucket and gave them to Emily and her chicks before heading home for tea.

Tomorrow’s jobs are to hoe the entire plot, weed the strawberry bed, move Emily and her chicks from the greenhouse to their new home and a few other small jobs!


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