Life plods onwards

This morning I walked down to the allotment determined to finish off the painting of the shed. Unfortunately, the weather has become really quite cold and I guessed I probably wouldn’t be able to feel my fingers after the first half hour.

Actually, that was optimistic. After 15 minutes I couldn’t feel my fingers and I had to resort to stopping and trying to warm up my hands before carrying on. I managed to do one coat on the inside of the shed door and a second coat on the outside of the door. By stretching fully, I also managed to paint all three boards keeping the felt in place. By this point, my hands were turning from red to purple and I decided to hide in the greenhouse to warm up for a bit.

I sat in there with Leia and Rey. Rey had already laid an egg and I sat quietly and watched Leia mess around in the nest box. To my surprise, 5 minutes later, she had laid a beautiful pale brown egg! I didn’t expect to see her lay and certainly she didn’t appreciate having an audience, but it was rather impressive!

Once I had some feeling back in my hands, I went down to the main coop. I collected one egg and handed out the treats. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Dolly who didn’t look her normal cheerful self. I picked her up, usually an almost impossible task, and found she was struggling with compacted food on one side of her crop. I tried to get some out but its a two man job. Hopefully Cliff or Geoff will be able to help me tomorrow as I can’t have her struggling.

Tomorrow, apart from getting an appointment with Cliff the Vet for Dolly, I plan to start putting in our potato crop. Here’s hoping we don’t get flooded again and loose the crops as we did this time last year!


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