Making steady progress

Today, I walked down to the plot noticing the drop in temperature and increased wind chill. It was definitely not the glorious hint of summer we had all last week. Nevermind, as long as it remains dry, jobs can be done!

After discussing the cream paint issue with Sarah, Geoff and a few others, I decided to use up the remaining cream paint on the back of the shed. The patio area is always shady and with the Plymouth Pear tree growing in a pot, the whole area needs more daylight. The theory goes that if the back of the shed is a light colour, the sunlight will reflect off it and brighten the patio. I made a start but within minutes, my fingers were freezing cold. It was going to be a long slog! Half an hour later, the first coat was on. It was a significant improvement especially since the back of the shed has had to fend for itself for years as the gap between the shed and the old greenhouse was tiny. There was no way to get a paintbrush into that space. It’s really a miracle the back of the shed has survived! As I put on the first coat of paint, it was clear there would need to be a second as the wood soaked up the paint within a couple of minutes. Leaving the first coat to dry, I made my way to the front of the shed and grabbed the seagrass paint.

The main panels of the shed have had lots of wood preserving paint over the years and a second thin coat of paint soon covered up any thin patches from the first coat. I adore the colour, it subtly suggests a hint of the sea, something I miss living up here. All three panels completed, I decided to skip the door and other fiddly parts and went to check on the back of the shed.

It was now dry, the wind doing an outstanding job of drying the paint despite the cool temperatures. The paint tin seemed to have just about enough cream paint in it to cover the back panel but it was going to be tight. If it needed a third coat (entirely possible) then we would have to find yet another tin of paint. Fortunately, as I reached the end of the paint tin, I was on the last section. With mere millilitres of paint to spare, it was done. Even though it was rather overcast today, the patio area does seem lighter. Cliff dropped by as I was finishing the back and suggested that some painted flowers might be a nice touch. I hadn’t thought of that, so I will see what I can come up with over the next few days. It needs to be very simple as my artistic skills are rather limited!

Before I left, I collected 4 eggs, two from the greenhouse and two from the main coop. I fed the girls their treats and pottered home, covered in paint but pleased that the shed is almost finished.

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