A poorly chicken

Today I dashed down the allotment to check on Dolly. She has a blocked crop on one side and I tried (and failed) to get a dose of cider vinegar down her. When I went in this morning, she didn’t look much better. I managed to catch her and tried to get out some of the blockage. Unfortunately, this was very difficult to do single handed. I did however, manage to get a dose of cider vinegar into her. She wasn’t happy about it but it went down.

I walked up to the greenhouse and checked on Rey and Leia. I decided to open up the top section of the nest box to let Rey have room to lay. Leia tends to hog the bottom of the nest box. Rey jumped into it and spent a good 15 minutes sorting out the sawdust into a nice nest, all for Leia to shove her out of the way and hog the new nest. Honestly! Poor Rey jumped down and tried to get into the bottom nest box to lay only for Leia to kick her out again! Eventually, poor Rey ended up laying in the middle of the floor whilst Leia smuggly hogged the new nest box.

Before I left, I went down to check on Dolly. She didn’t look much better but dashed away from me when I walked towards her. Rather dreading going down tomorrow, not knowing what I will find.


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