A poorly Pop

Today I dashed down to the allotment late to feed the chickens. As I handed out sunflower seeds, I noticed Pop was being pushed about more than usual. After filling up the food bowl, I went back to Pop who was sitting where I left her. I picked her up and checked her over. She had some corn in her crop but when I put her down she was struggling to stand. I tried giving her some food and she kept missing my hand almost as if she couldn’t focus properly. Worried, I picked her up and out her in the nest box to see if she perked up after a rest.

I went across to Leia and her chicks to feed them. I was greeted by enthusiasm by them all as I dished out fresh chick crumb. I left them to enjoy their fresh food and water to go and check on the plot.

Later this evening, I went back down to check on Pop. She was still in the nest box and looked around at me when I opened the lid. She still was very unsteady on her legs so I put in a handful of food and a small container of water with cider vinegar. I waited for about a quarter of an hour, watching to see what she would do. Pop found the water and took a few drinks then had a go at some of the food. I’m not sure whether she will pull through but hopefully with some food and water in her she will be back to her usual self soon.


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