Bath time for Pop

After work, I dashed down to the allotment armed with two containers full of hot water and a large plastic tub. As I arrived, I bumped into Geoff who was checking up on Pop for us. He had brought some large shavings which he thought would be better for Pop. We had a chat about her whilst he added the shavings. She has managed to eat something because her previously empty crop now had a little food in which is great news. In herself she still seems happy and was definitely more perky today than the last couple of days.

I set up the bath on the veranda, pouring all the hot water into the tub before adding three lots of cold water from the tap. Checking the water temperature was right, I walked down and collected Pop. She wasn’t too happy with being picked up and was rather confused about the bath when she first went in. I helped her put her feet into place to support her and she settled into a comfy position.

Using the corner of a clean towel, I managed to clean some of the feathers around her vent. As she relaxed, clearly enjoying the bath, I managed to make sure her vent was in the water. At one point she even dozed off! Although Geoff had checked to see if she was egg bound (and didn’t find anything to suggest she was), I thought it would be good to just make sure. I also had a gentle feel of her tummy to see if I could find anything hard which would suggest a stuck egg. Thankfully there wasn’t anything.

Geoff and I sat and had a chat whilst Pop enjoyed her bath. After about 10 minutes, we took her out and wrapped her in a towel to dry Pop off. It’s important to try and get the worst of the wet from their feathers as they take ages to dry. I also didn’t want to add hypothermia to whatever else Pop has. Finally, the towel was soaked through and that I couldn’t dry her with a sodden towel. Wrapped up in the towel, I carried her back to the coop. Food bowl topped up and fresh water as well as new shavings, I left her to finish drying off in peace.


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