A strange egg

This afternoon, we both pottered down to the allotment to feed the chickens. The hot weather continues although there was a nice cool breeze. It was important to ensure that Pop and Leia had access to their outside coop so they didn’t over heat. As I cleared the poo from the greenhouse, my husband watched Pop walk around after me. He was very impressed with how well she is looking and walking. I put the ramp into place and set up the outdoor run. Leia instantly jumped into it and began exploring. Pop hovered for a while, apparently content to remain in the greenhouse.

Down in the main coop, all was as normal. Aggie came running over to me the second I opened the door. I have discovered that if I keep something between her and me, I can escape being pecked. I sent my husband off to refill the water dispenser whilst I fed the chickens. Considering how they attacked the food, it would be more appropriate to call them gannets.

As I cleaned out the nest box, I discovered a strange egg underneath one of the perches. Gently, I took it out and found it had a slight crack on one side. The egg was tiny with a pale green shell meaning it was either Rey or Polly who laid it. Often, small eggs are a sign of a chicken coming back into lay. When I cracked it open, I found egg white but no yolk. Very odd! Question is, what will be in the nest box tomorrow?

Back up at the top of the plot, Pop had managed to get herself into the threshold of the greenhouse door. Still refusing to use the ramp, she half flopped, half jumped into the run. Landing with a bump, she ruffled her feathers and thrust her beak into the food bowl with a smug look.


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