Tidying the Plot

Every year, I am determined that the plot, shed and greenhouse will remain tidy and rubbish free. And yet, year after year, we have to do a tip run. This year, whilst my husband ran some errands, I ran frantically around the plot, bagging up rubbish and making a heap of them on the patio. The shed was relatively clear apart from the small carrier bag that I used as a rubbish bin whilst the greenhouse had lots of junk. Lilja almost decapitated me in a desperate attempt to get away from the moving of furniture.

In the shifting of the shelves, I spotted something scurrying away. Several small brown mice had made a dash for cover. I cleared away all the old bedding in odd corners which were hard to get at without shifting everything. Next, I tackled the various bits of junk and bagged them up. For good measure, I walked up and down the plot to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. We bundled everything into the car and my husband dashed off to try and get to the tip before it closed.

Closing up the coop, I popped into the shed and began to check the sail. I dragged it out of the shed and unrolled it. Irritatingly, the mice had got at it and it had a hole in the middle. To protect it from further damage, I lugged it home. It smelled quite musty and was a bit grubby. On impulse, I decided to I wash it. It was far too bulky for the washing machine but not for the bath! I won’t describe the colour of the water of the first wash, or the second but getting it out of the bath was interesting. I left a trail of water as I dashed downstairs and out the back door. Hanging up a soggy sail in high wind would be hilarious to watch but is considerably less so when it’s you wrestling with an enormous sail three times your size!

So plan for tomorrow, provided the weather improves, is to clean out the shed and try to do some digging…

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