Where is the snow?

Whilst the rest of the UK is buried under snow and freezing conditions, here we are yet to have any! I don’t deny it’s cold and there have been small flurries but nothing settled.

I ambled to the clubhouse to say hi to everyone. All the usual suspects were there and the kettle was on whilst we put the world to rights. Unfortunately, in the gale of the last few days, the felt has blown off our shed so I have added it to the list of things I need to fix!

The chickens were in fine form and seem to be enjoying the sunshine despite the cold. The evenings are slowly getting lighter finally and the chickens seem to approve. Evie continues to rule the roost, yelling at me from the moment I arrive on site.

The lack of snow notwithstanding, it has been cold, and the temperatures have left the pond and water butts are frozen over. Even the chicken’s water had ice in it!

I am still biding my time to plant to the new bushes I bought as it’s too cold to plant them. If the snow does eventually appear then I guess it will delay planting even longer.

On the other hand, snowmen don’t build themselves…


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