Growing Fast

Being a weekend, I spent quite a long time with the chicks. Over the past two weeks, they have grown enormously and their secondary feathers are coming in. Now that they are seven weeks old, I am slowly transitioning them onto grower’s pellets. These contain a higher amount of protein than layers pellets, helping them as they continue to grow.

After cleaning them out, I sat with them as they made good inroads into their new food mix. Cirrus was very curious and came right up to me. They are gradually getting more used to being handled and being around humans. Looking at me quizzically, Cirrus eyed up my leg as if she thought it would be a good place to sit. Willing her to try, I sat very still as she sat and thought about it. Unfortunately, she decided it was too high for her to jump and pottered off to have a drink instead. Stratus continues to be the most standoffish but even she is starting to mellow, coming close to me to dig and scratch at the bedding. Nimbus is the easiest to catch and I put her on my lap where she immediately ran away. It seems that I still have a way to go until I have lap chickens like Geoff…


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