Helping Hands

This afternoon, I ambled down to the allotment to find Cliff busy working on the new noticeboard. Will has done an incredible job as always, all the noticeboard was missing was a piece of glass and some sealant to keep the water out. Yesterday, Steve cut a piece of spare glass to fit the board – it’s great when everyone chips in to help!

I helped Cliff hold the noticeboard steady whilst he attached two wooden batons to fix the glass into place. Using a sealant, he stuck the glass to the door frame and secured it with four small nails. It looked amazing! Next, we reattached the hinges, using a wedge to keep the door at the right height to align the holes. With me holding the door, Cliff was able to attach all the hinges quickly.

All that was left was to secure a backing board to pin up notices. I headed off into town to see whether I could find a board. Happily, I found several and chose some bee pins which seemed fitting for an allotment board! Cliff helped screw the board into place when I got back and we were done! As I left, Cliff was giving the board a second coat of paint.


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