The Morning Chorus

With my husband and I planning a big Day out, I rushed down to the allotment at 8am this morning. As I arrived, I was greeted by a morning chorus of crows. Tommy’s crow is instantly recognisable as it ends with a flourish. It’s also longer than the other cockerels which I think must antagonise the other boys. On the other hand, the others crow much louder than Tommy!

As I walked around the different coops, checking everyone had food and water, I tried to work out who was crowing. Gordon, our little bantam cockerel, was trying his best to keep up with the big boys. I honestly think that Gordon believes he can crow as loudly as Tommy. In a small, confined space, he is deafening. But in the wide space that is the allotment site, his crow only travels the width of a couple of plots.

The plan for tomorrow is to clean out the Nest House whilst avoiding Tommy’s constant and distracting inspections which seem to occur every five minutes. But what is life without a few challenges?!


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